Compass Life Training Center has been developing itself as the best training provider company on various sectors. It develops trainings especially by applying Life Skills, Appreciative Inquiry, Neuro-Linguistic Program and other updated tools and techniques.

Our Trainings

1. Corporate/Business Training

This training is useful for all types of small and big industries or business forms. Compass can help them in various ways especially in Strategic Plaining, VMGO (Vison, Mission, Goal and Objectives) Setting, empowering CEOs and other Employees. Now Compass has developed Following 3 Trainings for the Sector of Business
     1.1. Strategic Planning Workshop       APPLY NOW
     1.2. VMGO Setting Workshop        APPLY NOW
     1.3. Life Skills Based Employee Empowerment     APPLY NOW

2. Organizational Development Training

This Training is useful for Social Organizations i.e. GOs and I/NGOs and CBOs (Child/Youth Clubs, Women Groups, TLOs etc.). Compass can support these organizations in Developing Strategic Plan, Setting VMGO (Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives), Writing Proposal and Report, Conduction Meeting and Writing Minute, Empowerment of Board/Committee and Employees. Now Compass has developed following 5 trainings for Organizational Development.
     2.1. Strategic Planning Workshop       APPLY NOW
     2.2. VMGO Setting Workshop         APPLY NOW
     2.3. Proposal Writing and Report Writing Training      APPLY NOW
     2.4. Meeting Conduction and Minute Writing Training       APPLY NOW
     2.5. Life Skills Based Employees Empowerment Training    APPLY NOW

3. Self-Development Training

This Training is useful for all the people who want to live better life by discovering and developing their own personality.
Compass can support them in multi-dimensional development through its various Self-Development Training Programs. Now Compass have following 5Trainings for Self-Development.
      3.1. Life Skills Training         APPLY NOW
      3.2. Appreciative Inquiry Training        APPLY NOW
      3.3. Mind Management Training        APPLY NOW
      3.4. Bhagwat Geeta Based Life Management Training        APPLY NOW
      3.5. Logic – an Intensive Public Speaking Course       APPLY NOW

4. Parents Training

This Training is useful for all the people who want to be a good parent so that they can deal with the children impressively and effectively to guide them meaningfully. Now Compass has developed following 1 Training for the Parents.
      4.1. Good Parenting Training        APPLY NOW

5. Students Training

This Training is useful for all the students or those people who want to learn more or who want to have learning attitude. Compass has developed following Trainings (in 3 levels) for including Life Skills and Memory Techniques that can support a student to manage him/herself emotionally first and accelerate the Memory Power.
      5.1. Art of Study (Basic)       APPLY NOW
      5.2. Art of Study (Intermediate)      APPLY NOW
      5.3. Art of Study (Advance)        APPLY NOW

6. Teachers Training

This Training is useful for all the teachers and lecturers from school and campus and also for those who are not teachers but want to play role of teachers in society. Compass has specially designed following 2 Training for Teachers.
      6.1. Life Skills Based Teaching Training         APPLY NOW
      6.2. The Guru – an Intensive Teachers Training Course         APPLY NOW

7. Psycho-Social Support Training

This Training is useful for the people who want to support him/herself or other people psycho-socially. Now Compass has following 1 Training for Psycho-social support.
      7.1. Psycho-Social Support Training          APPLY NOW

8. Social Issue Based Training

Compass has been cooperating and collaborating with many organizations to work on social issues i.e. Gender Equality, Child Rights, and Men Engage for Gender Equality etc. If any organization demands training on any social issues, Compass will serve them to develop and deliver the training as per their demand. Currently Compass has 3 Trainings on different social issues.
      8.1. Men Engage Tools for Gender Equality Training          APPLY NOW
      8.2. Child Rights Training         APPLY NOW
      8.3. Girls and Women Empowerment Training         APPLY NOW

9. Demand Based Training

As per clients demand, Compass will develop and deliver Trainings by applying effective tools and techniques on different topics.


Note: The Time/Duration, Cost and Contents of above mentioned Trainings varies on the base of agreement with clients