Introduction :

With the dictum “Direction makes Difference”, Compass Life Training Center Pvt. Ltd. (shortly calling as Compass) is newly established in 2016 as a social service oriented private business company to support people transform their life positively through Life Skills or Life Education and practice of enlightened entrepreneurship. Compass literally means a magnetic device to show right direction. Similarly, the name and goal of the company have also been inspired from the compass. “To direct people towards Happy Living of Life” is the ultimate goal of Compass LTC.


Our Vision is to develop Compass Life Training Center as the best source and agent of motivation and inspiration for transforming life of individual and society.


Our missions are:
  • To increase access of Life Skills or Life Education based effective program (Seminar, Workshop, Training, Camp, Counselling, etc.) to the corporate, college and communities
  • To create a big collection of self-help materials (Books, Videos, Audios, and Tools etc.)
  • To practice and promote enlightened entrepreneurship.


  • Meaningful mobilization of teen and youth power
  • Cooperation and collaboration with individual and institutions


Compass Life Training Center believes in the Timely Action with Knowledge, Love, Peace, Respect, Service, Understanding and Honesty.